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    The event is a private, “by invitation” networking and educational event of broadcast television station, group and network executives involved in the acquisition, production and delivery of news, as well as other senior technology leaders from within the cable, satellite and related television-centric enterprises. Participants exchange views and discuss the impact of technology advancements and marketplace changes on their operations, business models and plans for the future.

    The News Technology Summit will feature expert keynote speakers and panel topics such as:

    • IP-Based Infrastructure: Challenges & Opportunities
    • Developments in Field Acquisition and Newsroom Workflow
    • File & Cloud-Based News Workflow
    • Track, Store, Archive & Monetize News Content
    • The Multiplatform / OTT Newsroom
    • Newsroom Graphics & Virtual Reality
    • Future Technology and Trends

    Hotel rooms and meals are covered for attendees.

     Attendance is qualified to ensure an optimum experience, so register now!